Meet Ken Krell

Strategist, Speaker, Consultant, Producer, Mentor, Investor

Ken Krell

Over the past 40 years, Ken Krell has inspired thousands of people from all over the world by sharing powerful ways to create wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Ken is known as the producer of “OpportunityThon”, the world-record setting 28 ½ hour live marathon broadcast that featured over 55 of the world’s leading authorities on business, mindset and success. The event reached thousands all over the globe. He followed that up with “World Love Week”, another record-setting digital event (it ran 24/7 for a full week!) that focused on helping businesses grow as a force for good.
Ken's signature event is The PRIDE Experience, where you learn to Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events that Generate Wealth. PRIDE gives attendees the tools needed to pivot from the physical to digital stage.

PRIDE graduates are invited to apply for membership in SAFARI, Ken's exclusive tribe of achievers that are using the power of Digital Events to fuel their growth and prosperity.

He’s been respected for decades as an expert in niche marketing strategies in the real estate and mortgage financing businesses and has founded and operated several successful real estate investment and mortgage banking firms.

Until the world changed, Ken traveled extensively and has spoken on stages around the world, from the USA to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore and more. Now he runs his thriving digital media company from his residence, currently in Sydney, Australia.
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Ken Krell

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