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Wednesday, December 1 at 2 pm EST

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If you were at our previous IdeaSalon: The Digital Dinner Party (previously called Virtual Dinner Party), you know how amazing it was. The feedback was over the top and I’ve gotta tell you that I’m so gratified. Those that were there played full-out, shared wisdom and were open to receive valuable feedback and suggestions from our fellow players.

That's why we're doing it again!

Join us for another IdeaSalon: The Digital Dinner Party"…where speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and influencers come together to help each other with common challenges, such as how to build and engage your client community, how to leverage your time so you can grow and monetize your business while creating your ideal lifestyle and more.

Even better, we share "what's working now" so you can leverage the collective wisdom and get to your next 6 or 7-figure benchmark.

There is nothing for sale at the IdeaSalon: Digital Dinner Party. It’s not a “promotion” event and there's no charge for it (there's no food served, either--sorry!).

IdeaSalon is also not a networking event (they have their place, but this isn’t it!).

IdeaSalon is not a teaching webinar where you don't get to talk or interact.

This is different.

During the "Digital Dinner Party" (DDP), just like at an in-person dinner party, you get to play. You’ll be going into some intimate break-out rooms (just 3 of you) with structured topics that cut through the fluff.

It all started in Bangkok back in 2017 with my “Boostifier Dinners”.

Now, in our digital world, inspired by my friend Greig Wells, we’ve re-imagined it into IdeaSalon: The Digital Dinner Party (DDP).

Helping someone is the best way to bond with them, and during this 2-hour event you’ll get to know 12-25 like-minded online entrepreneurs.

The DDP is like having a focus group to get feedback on your marketing message and helpful ideas from your peers. Some people say that the VIP sounds like a “mini-mastermind". You be the judge!

What's the catch? There isn’t one.

There's no charge. And there's no tip required!

One more thing...While there's a lot of "meat" in the value you'll receive, if you're on a vegetarian, low-carb, low-fat, kosher or other restrictive diet, you won't need to be concerned. All food references are purely metaphorical.

This is all about adding value, having fun and growing together. Will that result in a potential business relationship between us? Potentially. It may result in some amazing relationships between you and your fellow dinner guests.

Come Join us again! 

Here's what other people are saying about the event...

" Just the people that you meet, it's unbelievable, it's a Great Experience..."
" My Expectations were HIGH... Anything that Ken touches, I recommend " 

" ...designing a program where he would let us connect with each other..."
" Just the minds coming together,  got really some good advice and tips.... "
" I just came along to see what kind of things you're doing....WOW, just the inspiration...just WOW!"
" This is the part that other programs don't cover...Now I'm on fire...and ready to GO  " 

" I've seen a thousand webinars...but this is a place where it meets where were at..  "
" I was really surprised! ... it was very interesting  and great to connect with some amazing individuals..."
" Holy Mole! I don't know any of these people....I pushed myself to do it...and it was a lot of FUN!  I got to meet with amazing people, connect..."
" The decades of talent and  experience, something you can't get in other places... " 

"I felt that this is a great place resources, getting new ideas, networking...  "
" This is an amazing event...there is nothing like this...  "
" other people just in a conversation....I look forward to doing this again!"
" I didn't have anything to felt really to good to be a part of this group, because I did have something to contribute.. " 

" Anything he touches turns to're a total rockstar! "
"An opportunity to meet, to be of service and receive.... I really enjoyed the program... "

Here's what other people say about the Virtual Dinner Party

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