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Coach Kay

Kay Suthar is an Ex-Police officer of over 6 years who decided to explore what real life business and entrepreneur really meant and that’s when she meant Ken in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was the very first speaker Kay met, he coached and guided her on different aspects of business including events, sales, speaking on stage and system processes. Since Kay has spoken on stage all over the world with Ken by her side. She has recently been on a mission to speak on as many different podcasts as possible to promote her brand ‘Uncensored Society’. Kay discovered a system to do this and has managed to book herself on 100 different podcasts within 60 days. With Ken’s guidance and coaching, she has now put processes in place to be able to monetize this and is helping others to get booked on podcasts successfully.

Coach Leigh

My name is Leigh Waine, and I am a passionate entrepreneur. After meeting Ken nearly five years ago and working closely with him doing events all over Australia and even one in Bail. I know his skills and have I implemented many of them. So when he asked me to be a coach, I was honored. With over 500 live events, 400 webinars, over $10,000,000 dollars in sales across many different products. I am pleased to help you with your journey.

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