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for The PRIDE Experience: Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events that Generate Wealth.

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It's everything you need to launch your first…or massively improve your next digital event, so you can sell from "one to many" instead of one-to-one to scale big and scale fast!

If you have a message to deliver, a product to sell, a book to promote…

If you’re trying to elevate your stature in your market…

If you want to rapidly enter new local–or global–markets…

If you want to reinvent yourself and turn this economic “situation” into the launchpad for a new, more satisfying career…(so many speakers say this is their best year ever–why not you!)

If you want to build your brand in a deeply intimate way…

If you want to get on the fast-track to client connection and build a high-end coaching or mastermind program…

If you finally want the freedom to run your business on your own terms (and generate more revenue with less stress)…

THIS was made for YOU.

pivot to your own Digital Stage...

and make the Big Money you deserve!

If you’ve been looking for the most effective way to enroll your perfect clients in your Premium Value (High Ticket) Offers, this is it.

It's true. You'll make more money, reach more of the people you want to reach and enjoy far greater satisfaction when you Own Your Own Stage and Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events.

Want a 6-figure weekend sales bump? Simply follow the system and get ready to onboard your new ideal clients!

Your Results Are Predictable.

Pam Heath had 8 people

and brought in $18,000.

Yes, it’s all predictable, and that means you can focus on what’s most important--delivering a high-powered, transformational event that can change lives.
Yes, it’s all predictable, and that means you can focus on what’s most important--delivering a high-powered, transformational event that can change lives.

Digital Events are REAL Events. They’re more profitable than physical events and they’re faster easier to produce.

During the 3-Day PRIDE Experience, you’ll discover the 3 Key Moves to Plan, Produce and Profit from YOUR first (or next) Digital Event


It all starts with your STRATEGY.

We begin with the end in mind because when you’re totally
clear on your destination, you can engineer your event to
reach your destination faster.


You’ll discover the 4 essential elements of your Premium Value Offer. Miss any of these elements and your sales will suffer.


You’ll discover the 4 essential elements of your Premium Value Offer. Miss any of these elements and your sales will suffer.


You’ll discover the 4 essential elements of your Premium Value Offer. Miss any of these elements and your sales will suffer.


You’ll discover the 4 essential elements of your Premium Value Offer. Miss any of these elements and your sales will suffer.


You’ll discover the 4 essential elements of your Premium Value Offer. Miss any of these elements and your sales will suffer.
This is your foundation day. Master these
fundamentals and your success is a given.


The holy grail of every event is all bout getting “butts in
seats”, so we start with the latest, most effective strategies
for filling your events.

Selling a ticket is just the beginning:


You’ll get our complete “show-up sequence”, which will get you among the highest show-up rates in the industry.


Then you’ll dial into the key ENGAGEMENT strategies so that your attendees will actually stay for your entire event...and love every minute...from gamification to dashboard strategies and more.


You’ll discover the 4 essential elements of your Premium Value Offer. Miss any of these elements and your sales will suffer.
Your own events start to take shape with greater clarity.


If you’re going to produce a 6-7 figure event, you
need to fine-tune your offer.


You’ll discover how to overcome the 5 most common sales objections.


You’ll see--in a complete demonstration--how to make non-creepy offers that your audience will actually THANK YOU for!


Then you’ll get the inside scoop on the Tech of your events (hint--it’s easier than you think).


You’ll also receive the complete show design structures for you to implement in your events (the Run of Show).


You’ll even walk away with enhanced speaking skills so you can be even more persuasive (and profitable) with your audiences.


You’ll witness how you can elegantly implement your own enrollment (sales) process that actually HELPS your audience and turns them into raving fans (instead of the uncomfortable methods you may be used to).
Here’s where we put it all together so you
can get out there and race into action!

Here’s What Some Industry
Experts Have to Say:

Digital Events Are Here to Stay.

While some people suggest that digital events will fade out, a recent study revealed
that digital events are expected to multiply at a compound annual growth rate of 23% through 2028 - so there’s plenty of room for you to develop your own programs and take control of your market space.

You'll Learn from

Decades of Experience

I'm Ken Krell

Speakers, Authors, Coaches, and Consultants come to me to discover how they can
extract the wisdom of my 40 years of experience selling multiple millions of dollars from
physical and digital stages all over the planet.

You may know me as the producer of “OpportunityThon™”, the world-record-setting 28
½ hour live marathon broadcast that featured over 55 of the world’s leading authorities
on business, mindset and success.

In 2017, I introduced the first-ever Hybrid event concept, “Live Conference TV”, which was
years ahead of its time.

It’s my passion to pass on my decades of knowledge and experience and inspire you to achieve peak performance using these frameworks.

You may be wondering...

“I have no idea how to do technology, and who’s gonna sit still for 3 days, now that lockdowns are ending and the world is reopening?”
Those are great concerns, and here's the great news:
First, you don’t need any new technology to produce a highly profitable digital event. Last year I produced a world-record-setting program called OpportunityThon (55 speakers over 28 1/2 hours non-stop!), and it was all delivered using my MacBook Pro!

Just recently I had a tech failure (yes, it happens!) and I delivered part of a 6-figure event using my iPhone!
So don’t worry about the tech. You’ll be relieved to discover that you’ve got everything you need!

Here’s another fun fact: As long as you’re not boring, people WILL show up and STAY through your entire event (just follow the system and you’ll never have to worry about “zoom fatigue”).

When you apply the PRIDE™ framework to our proven digital event structure, your rapid results will allow you to brag about your big profit results.
But there’s more. When you implement this proven system, you’ll actually attract the exact clients you want! Guaranteed.
How can that be guaranteed? It’s simple. You’ll witness how you can apply an application process to your selling system, so YOU are the person in charge of who you accept into your program. You get to “cherry-pick” your best clients—the ones who you truly want to have in your universe.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get access to the NRD formula and see it in action…hear the messaging and feel the emotional experience.

I only reveal it to the public in my signature event called “The PRIDE Experience: Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events that Generate Wealth”.

By the time you complete the 3 full days, you’ll have the power and confidence to apply the PRIDE framework to YOUR business…so you can develop a more effective (profitable) Premium Value Offer™ at a higher price you thought possible…and sell far more than you ever dreamed of.

That means that you’ll be able to take control and command of your financial life—and generate cash on demand—simply by running your own high profit events—whenever and WHEREVER you want.

Yes, as long as you have a decent wifi connection, you can travel the world and deliver your events from anywhere you choose!

During the 3 full days of PRIDE, you’ll discover and enjoy:

How to design or improve your own ridiculously irresistible “Premium Value” offers—typically $10,000 or more—so that you’ll have a program that sells effortlessly
Speakers, surprises, and an experience that will knock your socks off (we’re pretty sure this event will beat out many IN-PERSON events you’ve attended…which is exactly the point), so you can tap into the collective wisdom of over 4 decades of experience from the world’s leading experts.
The complete PRIDE™ framework, so you can implement it yourself and potentially achieve the same results that others have achieved.
​How to convey authority to your audience so that they instantly respect you and are most likely to invest in your services.​
The strategic power of the “inspiration panel” and how you can create your own “panel of fans” so that your audience will feel left out if they don’t join the party!​
How to fill your events with your right-fit audience, so that you can a) totally enjoy them and b) be thrilled that they are the exact people who are perfect buyers for your services.​How to get your registrants to actually show up…and stay during the entire event. This is critical and most people fail at this, which could potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars!
​​How to price your offerings…(your prices are probably too low right now!) and feel comfortable that you’re being fair to your clients as well as to yourself.
How to blast through “imposter syndrome” and recapture your inner power and confidence in knowing that you’ve got the wisdom that your audience needs…and they will pay for it!
How to handle all the tech elements of your events, so you’ll never feel intimidated or unsure and can focus on the most important part of the event—how you serve the audience.
And so much more!

You're Invited!

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Every Ridiculously Irresistible
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PRIDE is No Exception!

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Here’s the Bottom Line

What you’ll learn at PRIDE could spark the one idea that changes everything for your
business. Whether you're a speaker, author, event producer, coach or simply have a
message that you want to share, this is where your pivot will take flight!

If you want to make the pivot to the Digital Stage…and discover the proven, time-tested
strategies to engage your audience, create an enthusiastic community and generate
massive revenue, then PRIDE is your ultimate, interactive online experience that will help
you reach your goals EASIER & FASTER.
Imagine if you could take just one idea to drastically increase the success of your
events and boost your bottom line. What would that be worth to you?

Here Are Some of the BONUSES You're Getting
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