Turn TikTok Into Your Own
Limitless Profit-Generation 

...and Create Your Own Economy

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Dear Entrepreneur or Business Owner:
Are you looking for a way to outperform your competition, boost your brand and create thousands of raving fans without spending a fortune? 

Then read this important message and plan to join us for TikTok Business School, July 7-9, 2021. 3 power-packed days that can change everything for you.
Yes, TikTok!

It’s the secret weapon of a growing community of smart marketers that recognize the opportunities that TikTok offers you.

Over 1 Billion active users. And they spend an average of 54 minutes a day watching message after message.

They span all demographics…from young to old, low income to Uber-rich. One thing binds them all together—they pay attention to the messages they watch.

And they BUY.

In less than a year, Caleb Roberts has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars on TikTok. Now you'll get to learn his secret system.

Caleb will reveal the secrets of TikTok and how you can duplicate his success for your own product or service.

That’s right—with just simple little 60-second (or less) videos. Videos that command attention…and inspire sales. Videos that can make you a celebrity, an influencer, and can create a massive community of raving fans.

Think About It...

If you have a message to deliver, a product to sell, a book to promote…

If you’re trying to elevate your stature in your market…

If you want to rapidly enter new local–or global–markets

If you want to reinvent yourself and turn this economic “situation” into the launchpad for a new, more satisfying career…(so many speakers say this is their best year ever–why not you!)

If you want to build your brand in a deeply intimate way…

If you want to get on the fast-track to client connection and build a high-end coaching or mastermind program

If you finally want the freedom to run your business on your own terms (and generate more revenue with less stress)…

Then you need discover how those "silly little videos" can change everything for you, so you can make the Big Money you deserve!
YES! I'm Ready! Let's Do This!
Introducing TikTok Business School:
Three Days To TikTok Domination

Anyone can create a 60-second video..

But just like Steve Jobs would say, we “Think Different”.

In order for your video to make an impact and inspire action, you need to command attention. You need to be interesting.

TikTok Business School is all about STRATEGY. 

You'll learn to focus on your big desired END RESULT, and design your video campaigns to meet those needs.

 Finally, you're IN CHARGE.

During TikTok Business School, you'll discover how to run effective, profitable, captivating viral video campaigns.

You'll learn how to strategically design videos that can generate thousands of views, when you follow Caleb's proven success model.

Yes, you'll be learning from Caleb Roberts, founder of one of TikTok's first ad agencies. Caleb has made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the TikTok platform for himself and his clients. Now, finally, he's agreed to share the secrets of how you, too, can generate huge success on TikTok.

YES! Let's Do This!
TikTok Business School is NOT Your Typical "Virtual" Event. 
Far From it!
TikTok Biz School is an online event experience we think will top most of the in-person events you’ve ever attended… or delivered.
You’ll get all the knowledge, know-how and inspiration to design and implement your own winning TikTok campaigns...designed to engage, inspire and sell!
Everything You Need...

TikTok Biz School is jam-packed with the details you need to launch your first…or massively improve your current campaigns.

You'll learn the ins-and-outs of social media marketing…from:

How to define your strategy for maximum impact…and profit.

How to select, invite and properly target the best audience for massive value.

The secrets of how to multiply the monetization of your campaign…where most people fail at the most obvious benefits!

You'll understand the TECH (yes, it's true–it's not that difficult when you understand some simple, key fundamentals) and know how to inexpensively produce your videos…with what you already have now!

You'll love how creative you can be as you learn how to SURPRISE & DELIGHT your audiences for maximum engagement…rapport-building…and ultimate results.

You'll learn the many ways you can build your fan base...with the right audience that will adore you!

You'll understand how to deliver your content for ultimate impact…so you can change lives…and make a real difference to everhone that watches your video posts.

You'll discover the “secret” selling methods for your TikTok videos and how to inspire sales without being creepy.

And so much more!

You'll Create Amazing Results.

At the end of your LIVE, 3-Day TikTok Business School experience, you’ll have started the momentum that will have you define and produce your first few TikTok videos.

You’ll have the confidence in knowing that YOU'VE GOT THIS.

And you'll have the support and encouragement of everyone in the TikTok Business School community!

YES! I Want In!
Caleb Charges His Clients 
$7,000 to Set Them Up.

No kidding. And they have to fly to Phoenix to meet with him and his team, or clients pay for him to fly to their location, which adds thousands more to the process.

Bottom line: You're saving ALOT! This is no "cheap internet training". This is the complete enchilada (to use a yummy food metaphor). Grab it now while you can!

Here's What Some of Caleb's 
Raving Fans Have to Say...

Here's just a few of the comments from one of our recent events. This is what we do...And this is what YOU can create for yourself after you implement your learning at TikTok Business School!

You'll Be Learning from
Decades of Experience.

Caleb Roberts

In less than a year, Caleb Roberts has leveraged his unique understanding of TikTok marketing into an account with 64,000 followers. His videos have led to over 60 million views and over $200,000 total revenue generated. Caleb has worked directly with TikTok to provide feedback and analysis on their ad platform. Roberts pivoted his marketing skills and industry knowledge into a TikTok ad agency, where he continues to help businesses and individuals grow on the platform.

He currently works as a TikTok advertising consultant, where he helps organizations obtain measurable growth through strategic, targeted content and ad placement.

Ken Krell

For over a third of a century, Ken Krell has inspired thousands of people from all over the world by sharing powerful ways to create wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives. This has translated into tens of millions of dollars in sales on stages from around the globe.

Ken is most recently known as the producer of “OpportunityThon™”, the world-record-setting 28 ½ hour live marathon broadcast that featured over 55 of the world’s leading authorities on business, mindset and success.

During TikTok Business School, you'll love his fun, “Instant Idea Implementation” strategies which will help you achieve the rapid results you seek.

Additional Surprise Guest Experts

What sort of experience would this be if there weren't some exciting surprise guests to inspire you, challenge you and delight you?

You'll want to be part of every moment!

YES! I Want In Now!

Every Amazing Digital Event Has Goodies. TikTok Business School is
No Exception!

Include your shipping address when you enroll below and you'll get a TikTok Biz School Swag Box jam-packed with fun stuff (that's a technical term), which will make your TikTok Biz School experience even better! 

NOTE: The deadline to enroll in PRIDE and and have your Swag Box shipped before the event is May 10 at 5 PM ET.

Here's the Bottom Line:

What you’ll learn at TikTok Business School could spark the one idea that changes everything for your business. Whether you're a new or seasoned entrepreneur or business owner, this is where your pivot will start!

If you want to capitalize on the amazing opportunities that TikTok offers…and discover the proven strategies to engage your audience, create an enthusiastic community and generate massive revenue, then TikTok Business School is your ultimate, interactive online experience that will help you reach your goals EASIER & FASTER.

Imagine if you could take just one idea to drastically increase the success of your marketing campaigns and boost your bottom line. What would that be worth to you?

Here's What You're Getting at
TikTok Business School

Speakers, surprises, and 3 incredible days that will knock your socks off (we’re pretty sure this event will beat out many IN-PERSON events you’ve attended…which is exactly the point)!
A peek inside how successful viral campaigns are produced…and how you can model it for yourself.
REAL friendships with your fellow attendees. That’s right. Digital events can still give you an impactful networking and community-building experience. This will give you the chance to work together, gaining valuable feedback for your campaigns.
A deeper understanding of everything you need to know to produce successful, viral marketing campaigns… including the subtle details which are easy to miss but can make a massive difference…which only come from decades of experience.
Practical advice, proven strategies and tactics that you can implement right away to turn your first…or next TikTok campaign into a monumental success.
Unstoppable motivation and confidence from your new TikTok Business School family…of ridiculously irresistible people!
The collective brainpower of the TikTok Business School community…where we believe that we are better together…and our messages can change the world.
A seriously fun and unforgettable experience! You may be joining us from home, office or the beach…either way, you’ll be in an amazing digital environment…one that you’ll learn to model for your own events in the future!

Secure Your Spot by May 25th and Get Your Swag Box Shipped in Time For The Event!

YES! I Want TikTok Biz School!

Here's What You're Getting Now:

All 3 Days of the TIKTOK BUSINESS SCHOOL experience (July 7-9), a $9,997 value. You'll enjoy world-class speakers and surprises that will knock your socks off (we’re pretty sure this event will beat out many IN-PERSON events you’ve attended...which is exactly the point!)
Access to the Exclusive Private Facebook Group Where Your Community Will Inspire You Daily, a $197 value
Your Very Own Swag Box...containing valuable tools to get you through the TikTok Biz School experience in style! It's a $75 value (be sure to secure your spot by May 10th to get it shipped to you in time!)
And More Surprises...Bonuses, Expert Sessions and More!

Total Value: $10,269
Your Investment: $4,997 $1,997

YES! Let's Do This! I Want In!

Need Help?

Questions? We've Got Answers!

What are the dates for TikTok Business School?

PRIDE takes place Thursday, May 20 through Saturday, May 22, 2021. (North America Time)

It's going to be AMAZING…So we recommend that you set those dates aside, just like you would for an in-person event. You're going to get insights from some amazing speakers, a few fun surprises, and you'll get the most out of the event if you attend LIVE…so block out those dates in your calendar now!

What's the daily schedule?

PRIDE will run from Thursday, May 20 through Saturday, May 22, 2021. (North America Eastern Time Zone)


Thursday, May 20 – 11 AM to 9 PM ET
Friday, May 21 – 11 AM to 9 PM ET
Saturday, May 22 – 11 AM to 8 PM ET


Friday, May 21 – 2 AM to 12 PM ET
Saturday, May 22 – 2 AM to 12 PM ET
Sunday, May 23 – 2 AM to 11 AM ET

NOTE: All times are approximate. The event schedule is subject to change as necessary.

Will there be a replay or recordings?

There will NOT be a replay unless you purchase the recordings at an additional fee. More details will be available during the event.

Either way, you'll get the most from the event by attending LIVE, just as you would from a typical Live Event… Nothing beats being in the sessions, getting questions answered, meeting other people, and interacting with your virtual breakout groups in real-time!


How do I access the event? How do I login?

You'll enjoy the easy-to-use technology, and you'll receive all the details via email a few days before the event begins.

When is the last day to register?

You can register up until the end of the first day of event…HOWEVER…pricing will be going up as the event grows closer, so the sooner you secure your spot, the less your investment will be.

NOTE:  The last day to register and ensure that your Swag Box is shipped before the start of the event is May 10 at 5 PM ET. Note: We cannot guarantee that your Swag Box will arrive before the event (even if you register before May 10 at 5 PM ET).

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

First, we do not permit transfer of event tickets (you'll discover why during the event).

No cancellations and refunds will be issued after 5pm ET on May 10th.

Is the Swag Box a requirement of the event?

Yes and No. It's a required part of the PRIDE Experience, so you can't “opt-out” of the Swag, but it's not required that it arrive in time for the event.
If you miss the shipping deadline, not to worry–you'll receive digital versions of all the tools and resources you need during the event. Your Swag Box will arrive after the event and you'll enjoy the “unboxing” experience at that time. Our attendees say it's just as powerful an experience after PRIDE, too!

I didn't receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

Uh oh! Don't worry–we've got you covered.

Simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get you sorted.

Are there evening sessions?


Plan on spending Thursday and Friday evenings with us. VIP's will have a special event on Sunday, too.

It's going to be FUN!

Is there a "Dress Code"?

PRIDE is a “Swimsuit Only” event.

Just kidding!!

The dress code is literally whatever makes you the most comfortable (as long as you wear clothing!). You may wish to dress business casual, as you would for an in-person event, but sweats or PJ's are fine too. You'll get a chance to interact and meet other attendees in your breakout sessions, so keep in mind that other people WILL see you.

Is food provided?


Of course not! This is a digital event. It's a BYO food experience.

We recommend that you plan ahead. You'll have a lunch break, but you may want to prep something for lunch ahead or plan to order take out during the event to maximize your time between the sessions.

Do I have to be on camera during the event?

Of course you do! The entire purpose of this program is to teach you how to Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events–and you simply can't do that unless you're on camera.

So put away any shyness you may feel and step into your greatness with us!

NOTE: We WILL be checking your on-screen presence during the check-in process to ensure that we can see your best you!

We're Happy To Answer All Your Questions! If You Have Additional Questions
Drop Us a Line at Support (at) LiveConferenceTV.com