How to Enroll 15 High Ticket Clients in Just 24 Hours Using a Digital Experience and Just 2 Out of the Box Zoom Features

Even if tech scares you, you don’t consider yourself an expert and
you don’t have an ad budget.

I can't tell you how many businesses are driving away their audiences, forcing them in the “Zoom Fatigue” and losing them, possibly forever. They're all making the same basic mistakes. But you don’t have to.

Hi! I’m Ken Krell, and over the past 39 years, I’ve sold multiple millions of dollars of products and services on both physical and digital stages. Now, I’m not going to waste your time with a lot of back-story and fluff. Over the next few minutes, I’ll quickly reveal to you how my clients and I are able to consistently produce high profit, 6-figure digital events with small audiences and effortlessly enroll up to 30% or more of them into your high-ticket offer during your 1- or 3-day events.

Yes, that means you can enroll 5, 10, 15 or more new clients in just 8-24 hours. And the process all starts even before your event begins.

Of course, just to be clear, our results are our own, and yours will be different. But I can tell you this, when you follow my system, it’s totally possible for you to achieve similar results.

Ok, now that we’ve made the lawyers happy, let’s get started.

When Covid made everyone pivot from in-person events to online events, it didn’t come with an instruction manual. Most people started using zoom the same way they did webinars in the past.

They are continuing to follow the same flat boring structure and yet they expect different results. Crazy, huh? They regularly commit what I consider the 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events.

Now we don’t have time to go through all of the many things they’re doing wrong, but I will share a few with you and give you the 3 moves you must make right now, in every Digital Event you do.

First, let’s stop calling them “virtual” events. Virtual doesn’t mean REAL. If you want to make your audience respond and fall in love with you, then you need to understand that they’re totally REAL people, as if they were right in front of you and they’re ready to hear your message.

We call them Digital or Online Events. And that distinction can make a huge difference in your results. When you change your mindset and become deliberate in your messaging, your results will skyrocket.

You need to be totally clear about your message. So many presenters try to put way too much information into their presentations, so the audience gets lost and confused. Or they’re sending mixed messages or making multiple offers at the same time.

Let’s face it—do you buy anything when someone confuses you? Of course not!

So, your first big move is to plan your event and craft your message so you can be completely clear about what you want for them to take away from the event—both in terms of transformation as well as the offer that they are going to enroll in.

And isn’t that what you want right now?

This is critical because the next huge mistake that most amateurs and professionals make is that they try to use too much tech. Here’s the surprising bottom line—

The more you try to impress your audience with technology, the more you risk losing sales.

Yes, it’s true! If you’re focused on tech and all those fancy bells and whistles, you’ve lost the focus on your number 1 priority, which is serving your audience. That’s the only reason you’re there!

So, if you think you need all sorts of technology, you’d be wrong. LChuck Wojack, one of my producers, and leader of my Tech Tuesday program says that you've got all you need with your current laptop and webcam.

Now that you know you’ve got what you need to produce your digital event, what’s the strategy for success? Well, you Keep it Simple!

In our events, we typically use just two simple features in Zoom. We create custom backdrops that our audience can totally personalize and we use zoom breakout rooms extensively.

That’s it.

I’ll bet you’re thinking that this is no big deal. But you’d be mistaken. This is a fundamental disaster for most presenters. You see, most people have no clue how to actually USE Zoom breakout rooms, and they fail miserably.

Have you ever been sent to a breakout room with no idea what you’re doing? Have you been in a breakout room where someone monopolized the entire session?

If so, you’re not alone.

And here’s the big problem, the speaker or event host hasn’t given proper instructions and objectives for the breakouts. You see without clear instructions and a vision of why they’re being used in the first place, the audience is left floundering and unclear.

Do you think that might have a negative effect on your sales later on? Absolutely!

Think about it, if you’re not going get clear leadership from the speaker now, do you think you’ll get it with them in their programs later? Probably not.

You see, your audience needs to feel totally comfortable that you’ve got the cure to their problems. You’re not going to convey that confidence if your event doesn’t run smoothly.

Yet, despite making these fundamental and disastrous mistakes, some speakers and coaches still make it work. That would be because they’ve already got loyal tribes that follow them blindly and forgive them for just about everything.

But what if you don’t a loyal tribe of people that love you yet? What if you’re just getting started and don’t have a huge stadium full of fans lining up to work with you?

What if you don’t feel comfortable with technology? Or if you don’t feel confident in the role of “expert” yet? And what if you don’t have a lot of money to promote your event?

Look, listen I get it. Keep reading and I’ll reveal the simple system that will unlock the door to the potential of limitless riches with digital events for you.

I’m going to safely assume that you’re not one of those “legacy gurus” or else why would you still be reading this transcript, right?

Don’t worry. I was in that situation for years, until I made the one shift that changed everything. It’s the shift I’m about to reveal to you right now.

Here’s the bottom line. I think by now you agree that the old system is flawed. You simply can’t just follow what everyone else is doing and still expect to score those big bucks.

Those old methods are old and tired. They don’t work anymore. And the standards for digital events are changing so rapidly. That’s why so many people are complaining about “Zoom Fatigue” now. They’re getting bored.

So, what do you do?

You cut straight to the good stuff, keep things simple and tell the truth to your audience!

People don’t have all day. They want to get your message fast and they want to put it to work it right now!

That’s why there are so many “Done for You” business models that are scoring big now.

You see, people’s attention spans are less than that of a goldfish. So, you’ve got to follow the moves I’ve perfected over the past 4 decades.

Tiz Gambacorta consulted with me a few years ago. He wanted to produce a successful 3-day event (that’s about 24 hours of content) and he needed to know the system that I’ve spent decades perfecting.

After spending just few of hours with me, Tiz jumped into action and by the end of his event, with only 7 people attending, he generated $50,000 in revenue. Now, remember these are his results. Yours will be different.

But what you need to remember is that he followed the simple system. And he simply got amazing results.

Just a few months ago, Pam Heath gave herself 2 1/2 weeks to produce her first Digital Event. I typically recommend a 6–8-week lead-time, but Pam is a high-achiever and likes to take immediate action.

So, she jumped in, faced the fear of failure, of not getting an audience, not being perfect, and she battled with all the other head-games that can stop average people from achieving success.

She didn’t do it perfectly, but she got it done. And with just $642 invested in the event, she brought in over $18,000 in revenue. With just 8 people there for her 8-hour event. You see, you don’t need a big budget to make big profits!

Pam enlisted other speakers to be on her Digital Stage, so she didn’t have to worry about creating and delivering content. Her guest presenters did it all for her!

Do you see how simple and easy it can be when you follow a proven system?

Pam is now planning her next event, which will run for 3-days. She’ll follow the system and will confidently enroll her audience into her $5,000 per month services.

Imagine the confidence she now has, the confidence YOU can have when you produce your own Digital Event using this simple proven system.

You just follow the 3 simple moves.

You Plan your event using the “Ridiculously Irresistible” Framework.

You Produce your event, keeping things super simple and clear for your audience and you use a team of people to support you so you can focus on what’s most important, your audience.

And you finally Profit from those results. Use those profits to enhance your life and of those you love, so money will no longer be a concern for you.

How will that feel when you’re finally in command and control of your own personal economy?

My students tell me it’s like getting their life back.

By now you probably feel that this simple system could be the perfect way that you could create consistent high-ticket income streams as you connect with enthusiastic audiences that actually want to work with you.

And you’d be right.

For example, take Michelle Hollis. She had originally valued her services at $2,000, but after attending our 3-Day PRIDE Experience, which stands (Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events that Generate Wealth) she saw how she was selling herself short and raised her fee to $15,000 and guess what, her client said YES!

Mauricio Yepes says that by raising prices as a result of what he learned at PRIDE, he’ll add $80-100,000 to his income just this year alone.

Olivia Whiteman went from struggling with a $49 offer and successfully raised her price to $900. It’s an 18x increase, and she easily made sales! In fact, during a recent event, everyone there purchased it!

Is it magic? No. It’s a remarkably effective system that I’ve developed and refined over the past 39 years, and I’d like to reveal it to you in full detail over 3 incredible days.

In fact, I’m going to spare you the typical long sales pitch and get right to the bottom line.

The next PRIDE Experience is happening soon. It’s a $10,000 event and is limited to only 250 people to keep it intimate. Now, it sold out last summer at a covid-friendly tuition of about $2,000.

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Your VIP Swag Box is something you’ll keep forever. It’s also an important part of what you’ll learn during the event. You’ll also get a complete set of the event recordings, too. Plus, thousand of dollars in bonuses.

Now, you may be wondering if this is for you, the fact that you’re still reading this transcript is a good sign that you may be a right fit.

You see, if you’re a speaker, author, coach, person with a message, this can be the game changing strategy you’ve been looking for.

If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a person looking for a new path, this may absolutely be your answer.

But if you’re afraid of taking risks, if you don’t feel comfortable taking charge of your life and don’t want to be seen as a respected expert, then this truly is not for you. If you don’t have any intention of creating or offering a high-ticket program, this probably isn’t for you either.

By now you know that the “traditional” ways don’t work, people are getting bored with the typical Zoom events, and it will only get worse.

You’ve seen a bit of my proven system that could potentially help you create unlimited wealth, freedom and control of your life.

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My mission is to help you get your message out to the world. The only way this planet will change for the better is if we work together. Your voice needs to be heard.

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